Introduce Yourself - Tech

Take a moment to post here and briefly tell us a bit about yourself - what you like to work on and what you’d like to achieve.

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I’m Kieran Martin. Software developer for thirty years and climate change communicator/activist for 4.

I create keaforum because I’m encouraged by the Discourse promise of Civilised Discussion. I’d love to see more people using better tools to collaborate online.

Over the last 4 years I’ve created articles, videos, recorded interviews and animations to share the things I’ve been learning. You can find much of this stuff by going to

Over this time I’ve made contact with hundreds of people who are working hard on creating a better future. I’d like to help people find and share the best of their work.

I see this corner of keaforum as a place where a team with similar aims can work on the same thing.

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Hi all! My name is Gaby.

I am a Software developer, and I have worked on the IT industry for 8 years. I studied film-making at University but I didn’t pursue that career because of toxic people. I was always interested in conservation and the environment just as something I considered obvious: we live in this planet, we have to take care of it. I even tried studying Conservation after I left film but I got really angry at the teacher when they tried to make us learn Windows 95 on “introduction to computers” in the first year, and I had to leave :sweat_smile: You could say I was destined to IT.

I don’t have a lot of contacts in the activism world here except for @kieran_admin, but I am happy to work and meet new people.

I want to contribute to real climate action somehow, and I would like to explore ways with you.

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