Looking ahead to COP27 – Expert Reaction

Goals for COP27 include emissions reduction, scaled-up adaptation efforts, and enhanced flows of appropriate finance. The SMC asked experts to share what they see on the horizon for this event, especially for New Zealand and Pacific countries.

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Insightful comments from Prof. Macey, noting no major deadline at this ‘… trade fair combined with a festival’, at least they’ll all have plenty of coke, a major sponsor and world’s largest plastics polluter, to drink! Prof. Hayward raises important points re the emissions gap or shortfall in current commitments to lower emissions. This is the core issue, and will prove a lot more challenging than all the hot air emanating from the COPs to deal with. On the plus side, New Zealand’s support for Vanuatu is laudable, as is the increasing recognition of ecocide in these discussions… On the negative, there’s a good chance the ‘ball will get kicked down the road’ again, to next year’s talk-fest in the oil sheikhdom.